Anshu Gupta

This collection of photographs shot by Anshu Gupta, chronicles his journey as a witness to most disasters, in the last two decades. This journey started in 1991 when as a photography enthusiast studying at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), Anshu bunked classes and went to Uttarakhand to witness the devastation of disasters, dignity issues of disaster-hit people and mismatch of resources and needs. He has since been among the first to reach a disaster-hit area anywhere in India with his team from Goonj, capturing varied disasters across different geographies through his lenses. Anshu has also used Goonj’s deep and long-term work in disaster relief and rehabilitation, to revisit the same spots through time lapse photography, chronicling the shifting landscape of a disaster hit geography and community.
Over more than 2 decades, Anshu’s insights around disasters and disaster-hit people have thus come to define Goonj’s values, guiding principles, and strategies.

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