Anshu Gupta

Half Full आधा भरा

Kerala Floods


A house in Changanassery stands half submerged in water post the 2018 floods in Kerala.

A total of about 1028000 people were housed in 3274 relief camps and shelters after the Kerala floods. after. In the aftermath of the disaster, thousands of volunteers came together to clean debris from muddy homes. This led to people returning to their homes and beginning the process of rehabilitation. Disinfectants were also provided and other precautions were put in place to stop the threat of water-borne diseases*.

Even as the people of Kerala are no strangers to the seasonal floods that ravage the backwaters each year, the floods of 2018 were shocking in their intensity and the destruction of life that they brought along. This house in Changanassery that housed the life of people who lived in it, is now a home to the plants and animals of the raging river. When the flood water recedes, nothing will look the same - the beds, the furniture, the utensils. The flood will leave its mark on this house in the form of mud and debris, and on the lives of the people for whom this house might carry a different memory.

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