Anshu Gupta

Safe सुरक्षित

Kerala Floods


Beds stacked on top of each other after the Kerala floods of 2018.

More than 800,000 people were displaced in Kerala in what was considered the worst flooding to hit the southern state, with losses to infrastructure pegged at almost $3bn. 30 teams from the National Disaster Relief Force, 24 from the Indian Navy, 13 columns of the Indian Army, and 10 teams of the Indian Coast Guard were engaged in search and rescue operations, along with other emergency responders*.

When you know the impact that each monsoon brings along, in an ironic way almost, it becomes a part of your life. They’ve tried to build a tower of bricks on the ground to place the beds on it, an attempt at saving the beds from getting wet with the flood waters. The efforts always prove to be futile but that doesn’t stop the people from trying their best to save their belongings.

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