Chaupal 2024 is coming soon.. As Goonj turns 25 on 18th February 2024, you’re invited to join us in celebrating this beautiful milestone in our collective journey, at Chaupal, in Delhi

Goonj celebrated its 24th anniversary in 2023, by holding Chaupal in 8 cities across India. Our no-agenda discussions with a diverse group of panelists were attended by many. The days were filled with meaningful conversations, knowledge exchange, and sharing of ideas.

Junoon Awards

Goonj hosted its first Junoon Award to honor the changemakers who worked tirelessly to support those who were afflicted by illness and distress during the pandemic. Congratulations to Junoon Awardees (Bhumi , Deepalaya , Doctors For You (DFY) , Indian Institute of Education & Care – IIEC , Maya CARE , Uninhibited) and to those recognised for Special Jury Mention(Project Mumbai , United Way Bengaluru) and Special Jury Appreciation(Clownselors , Kachisadak Foundation , Learning Initiatives for India).


Goonj recently organized the tenth edition of Baithak in Delhi on the 4th and 5th of August 2023. 

The event saw participation from 29 bright young leaders working pan India on an array of issues ranging from education to rural livelihood generation and mental health awareness. We aimed to bring together a community of doers building a support system and an inclusive ecosystem of co-learning, unlearning, and collaboration. We hope to successfully organize more such Baithaks in the future, joining more budding organizations with this platform.

Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra visited Goonj on 5th January. Every year, for 13 years now, Team Goonj looks forward to welcoming an enthusiastic group of 400+ youth from all over the country on a unique train journey, stopping over at Delhi to meet our Founder and see the work. May this community of Doers grow every year..