Doing good is a collective responsibility

— Anshu Gupta
Founder Director Goonj.. & Gram Swabhimaan


Anshu Gupta, popularly known as the Clothing Man is the Founder of an Indian based nonprofit – Goonj. One of India’s leading social entrepreneurs Anshu brings to the table an instinctive empathy and connect with people, moving the focus from the conventional – giver’s pride to the unconventional – receiver’s dignity. Asia’s Noble, the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award 2015, conferred to him credited him for “his creative vision in transforming the culture of giving in India, his enterprising leadership in treating cloth as a sustainable development resource for the poor, and in reminding the world that true giving always respects and preserves human dignity”.



Founder Goonj spoke recently on ‘Fueling the rise of the global economy’ at Devex 2022, a unique global development event, attended by 1,000 thinkers, doers, change-makers, and expert practitioners from across the world.

Mr Anshu Gupta with NatGeo  –  “One man is bringing dignity to the poor, as he transforms urban discards into usable resources for the underprivileged”  #OneForChange #NatGeoIndia

Harvard Business School Case Study on Goonj!!

Focusing on how Goonj adapted and expanded its work during the pandemic and evolved its way forward.

Take a Look..

Take a moment and watch-Safar. An award-winning film (based on a poem by Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder Goonj & Gram Swabhimaan) that stands as a reminder of the 2020 migrant crisis and how we as a community fell short of taking care of the people who always took care of us.

एक क्षण लें और देखें-सफ़र। एक पुरस्कार विजेता फिल्म (श्री अंशु गुप्ता, संस्थापक गूंज और ग्राम स्वाभिमान की कविता पर आधारित) जो 2020 के प्रवासी संकट की याद दिलाती है और कैसे हम एक समुदाय के रूप में उन लोगों की देखभाल करने से चूक गए जिन्होंने हमेशा हमारी देखभाल की है।                                                                                                 

The slow interview with Neelesh Misra

Migrant Workers Not ‘Escaping’, Society Failed Them

Poverty can be eradicated with Dignity. Watch here.

Ensuring Food Security in India During the Coronavirus

Collective Intelligence: From Top Down to Bottom Up !

Rajasthan Patrika Keynote Salon. Watch here.

Lockdown Talks with Jagriti. Watch here.

Kovidi by Anshu Gupta – ‘Tum vapas na aana .. “

Goonj recently organized the sixth edition of Baithak in Delhi. 

The event saw participation from 27 different organizations working pan India on an array of issues ranging from education to rural livelihood generation and mental health awareness. We aimed to bring together a community of doers building a support system and an inclusive ecosystem of co-learning, unlearning, and collaboration. We hope to successfully organize more such Baithaks in the future, joining more budding organizations with this platform. 

Some glimpses…

Goonj celebrated its 23rd anniversary in 2022, by holding Chaupal in 8 cities across India. Our no-agenda discussions with a diverse group of panelists were attended by many. After two long years of the pandemic, Chaupals gave us an opportunity to meet again.

The 4th #Baithak held at Goonj’s Delhi Centre saw the participation of 17 inspiring organizations. Over two days, we witnessed new connections and collaboration being made between the organizations through various activities in a fun-filled, thought-provoking and engaging environment. To know more about the initiative, click here.

The 12th Jagriti Yatra of 400 Yatris was at Goonj on 5th Jan. We wish a big ‘Lagey Raho’ to each one!! You are always welcome at Goonj if you want to replicate Goonj’s model and start something of your own anywhere.! We will be more than happy to share our learnings and help you set up. Sharing some glimpses…

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