Anshu Gupta

Human Made मानव निर्मित

Gujarat earthquake


The building where the entire crew of Lagaan had stayed during its shooting post Gujarat earthquake 2001.

The Gujarat earthquake brought down almost all buildings of the region. Cities of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surendranagar and Patan were heavily damaged. Nearly 20,000 people died,1.66 lakh people were injured and many left handicapped for rest of their lives. The death toll included 7,065 children and 9,110 women*.

I was excited to see the building where the entire crew of Lagaan had stayed. All I saw was 4 building towers displaced so badly that one could see only the tops. The destruction caused by the earthquake was quite unique in this case as it distorted the lower levels while the top floors were still intact. Occasionally items fell from these top floors sending shivers all across the place.

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