Anshu Gupta

Office दफ़्तर

Kerala Floods


A solitary chair, and a bunch of paperwork lying outside an office, left out to dry after the Kerala Floods of 2018.

The disaster led to closing of all economic activities in the state. According to the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) conducted by the United Nations, the loss suffered by the state in various sectors at estimated to be about Rs 31,000 crore*.

In a desperate attempt to save some of the files drenched in the flood water, drying them to bring back those important pieces of information lost in the disaster. Even though these documents may appear to be pieces of paper, they might be someone's identity, years of hard work put into achieving something, their claim for compensation of missing possessions. These are forever lost and impossible to trace back.

*UNDP PDNA Report:

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