Anshu Gupta

Flow प्रवाह

Kosi Floods


Men crossing a flooded path during the Kosi floods (2008)

The Bihar floods caused massive damage at both village and household levels and the local economy and livelihoods were severely disrupted. Among villages, the losses were focused on roads, public infrastructure, electricity and irrigation systems, while at the household level, the losses were more in terms of lives, livestock, agricultural operations and employment opportunities*.

When disaster becomes a part of life, it no longer stands as a credible threat which scares or stops people from carrying on their normal lives. They are ready to take risks, go out and show courage to stand on their feet again, earn back their livelihood and build their new lives. Here we see not only the flow of water but also the flow of life, flow of people and perhaps flow of strength and courage. It is a rather sad reality but gives one hope and the strength to go on with life.

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