Belief यक़ीन

Floods in Bihar


A man sets up shop even as the streets stay flooded after the 2008 floods in Bihar.

The Kosi embankment near the Indo-Nepal border broke in August, 2008. The river changed course and flooded areas that had never been flooded in half a decade. The flood affected over 2.3 million people in the northern part of Bihar and about 1,000 villages in five districts were affected*.

Yet another picture that says ‘life goes on’. This picture portrays belief in two senses, one on your own self and the other on your product. The former displays the strength, where even in the time of disaster you did not get consumed by fear but actually depicted courage and strength, set up your shop and stepped out to lead your life. The second, a rather humorous one, is the deep faith on the product, one you are sure people will step out for even in disasters.

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